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Wireless Cameras

These cameras offer a simple and easy installation, allowing a quick solution to your camera needs. Wi-fi cameras need a strong internet signal strength in order to maintain proper connectivity to the cloud. Without a strong internet signal, issues may arise with the cameras going down due to the loss of signal. Wi-fi cameras are easy to take with you when you move and can be moved around your house as well. The majority of Wi-Fi cameras store clips that range from 30-60 seconds. In order to see what took place prior to the clip you’ll need to add an SD card to your Wi-Fi camera.


The SD card will usually  allow for a few days of stored footage based on the card's storage capacity. Keep in mind with each additional Wi-Fi camera that’s added to your network you will need increased upload speeds from your internet provider. When you’re making the choice between Wi-Fi VS. Hardwired cameras consider the number of cameras you’d like to have installed. If you’re wanting more than two cameras installed you should probably be looking more at a hard wired camera system.

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HD Outdoor Camera
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