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Homes & Businesses

SecurePro can:

Install a 4 camera residential hardwired system OR install a larger 32+ hardwired camera system in your business

Do you already own hardwired cameras and need them professionally installed? SecurePro can install your newly purchased DVR or NVR camera system quickly and efficiently. 


​Install Cameras that require power over ethernet (POE) wiring 


Mount a Monitor or TV and connect it to your NVR/DVR, so you can view your cameras from a screen inside your home


​Help you set up the App to view your cameras on your phone 

Tips for a Smooth Installation Process:





Make sure the cable provided with the camera kit is in long enough sections to reach the areas of your home where you're considering having the cameras mounted.

Consider purchasing camera mounts so the wiring connections behind the camera are protected and unnecessary drilling is not required in areas with brick or stone. 

If you'd like to view your cameras from a monitor or TV and not just from an App on your phone, you will need a properly sized HDMI cable to reach from the recorder to your viewing device. 


We recommend that when you're deciding between a DVR or NVR, you also consider the technology available with each device and the type of cable used for each. 

If your home is prewired with CAT5, you will need an NVR. If your home is prewired with Coax, you will need a DVR.

If you are starting with a clean slate, we recommend an NVR and custom cut CAT5 cable designed specific for your home's needs. This will allow you to place the cameras in areas that allow you to see what's most important to you. 


Don't Have Cameras Yet?

Brands of Cameras We Sell & Install


We Can Sell You Cameras at a Competitive Price! Allow Us to Manage Your New Camera System from Start to Finish by Purchasing All Equipment and Parts From Us and Hiring Us to Complete the Installation. Call Us Today for a Consultation with a Camera System Expert Who Can Help You Design Your Completely Customizable System Today

Other Brands We Install

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