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SecurePro Help Center

  • Do you offer Residential and Business security?
    Yes. We specialize in both business and home security, as well as several other services like safety and home and business automation.
  • Does Securepro require a contract?
    We offer a 36 month contract or no contract depending on qualification.
  • Am I in your service area?
    We service throughout the DFW area
  • Do you have a mobile app?
    Yes. Our mobile app is powered by
  • How do I update my emergency contact list?
    To update your contact list, call our office at 817-935-8333. You will need to provide your false alarm ID/passcode/password to change your contact list. Your contact list, and the order of it, is very important and needs to be kept updated. In the event of an emergency, your contact list determines whom we will contact for further instructions about your system
  • How do I control my security system when I am away from home?
    You can use our smart security app to easily monitor your home when you’re away. Directly from your phone, you can arm and disarm your home, grant keyless entry to friends and family, open and close your garage door, view your indoor and outdoor cameras, and much more.
  • How do I upgrade my service?
    Contact your local sales rep or give us a call at 817-935-8333
  • Where can I request more yard signs or window stickers?
    Contact our office at 817-935-8333 to request more yard signs and stickers.
  • How do I get my alarm certificate for my homeowners insurance?
    You should receive an alarm certificate at install. If you have not received one send us a request at
  • How do I schedule a service call?
    We want to make sure your security system is up and running from the moment it is installed. If you have a service request contact us at 817-935-8333
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